Are you Seme or Uke?

Which of these things would you prefer?

A candy
A sword
A pet
A smile
A love

You are always:


You are described as:

funny, loud, and extremely loyal
kind of cold and standoffish
a bit dangerous
outgoing, flirty, but kind
friendly and quiet

When you're with the one you love most, you:

smile a lot and tell them how cuto they are
tell them what to do and they don't seem to mind
act like a little cutie and they tell you so too
blush and get nervous
are their best friend, and you're *very* friendly

Your worst flaw is:

you can be a bit too rough
you show too much feeling
you can be too trusting
you are too clueless
you find it difficult to get close to anybody cause you always say the wrong things

You tend to be attracted to people who:

are know-it-alls
are small and fragil
are the little brother type
are cold and mysterious
will allow you to protect them

Which is your color?


Does the word "Lemon" mean anything to you?

Nah, I like orange
I guess so
Of course
Uh??? Is it important?

Your perfect date is:

a nice walk to the park
spending a hole night with him/her, and not know a thing
a quiet evening with a prey
a visit to the cafe
go out for food and ending up saving him/her